Reliability and punctuality

We cooperate with the WAN company for years. We know that we can always depend on their reliability and punctuality. They’ve advised us many times how to solve logistic problems. Prices are also affordable. We fully recommend the WAN company as excellent carrier.

Adam Kaczmarczyk
EAST IMPEX Lagnieu (France)
Reliability and punctuality

Flexibility in service

I cooperate with the WAN company for over 5 years. They are reliable and always on time. You can always obtain real and thorough information about the position of carreir, confirmation of loading and delivery. You can contact them any time, even at evening hours. Flexibility in service. I can recommend cooperation with this company – it’s fully professional.

Beata Zajączkowska
Vasco Bohemia Sp. Z o.o.
Flexibility in service

Hitting the jackpot

Cooperation with the WAN company was like hitting the jackpot. I was tired of entrusting our important goods, demanding the delivery with a deadline to random companies, that turned out to be unreliable and treated clients as necessary evil. Now I know the meaning of professional service. Goods are always safely delivered on time. Personnel is nice and professional. I can fully recommend WAN company.

Zbigniew Jabłoński
Commercial firm, Chodzież
Hitting the jackpot

In connection with possession of our own repair shop we are able to maintain our car train in excellent technical condition, without risking a failure during transportation. Adapting to changes and expectations of transport market we constantly exchange our cars for newer and those which are able to meet ecological standards. We are also in possession of few replacing cars in case of any unexpected failure.

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